Qi understands the critical nature of building, managing, supporting and scaling application platforms for our clients whose business depends on the high availability, security and maximum performance of their data and applications.

Qi's approach in implementing and managing corporate web sites and business applications is centred around customer intimacy. To achieve this, Qi seeks to understand the business, technical, operational and competitive environments that influence a client's application requirements. We work closely with you, the client, through a range of technical and commercial workshops to build and customise the most appropriate application environment that meets your specific business goals.

To ensure the fastest internet and the most secure intranet connection possible, Qi's Application Management and Web Hosting solutions are delivered to our customers from our "carrier-grade" data centre situated directly on the internet backbone and alongside the third largest fixed infrastructure fibre optic network across the eastern seaboard. This allows us to provide scalable bandwidth options for both Internet and Private Network connections.

To ensure maximum availability and performance for our Customers' enterprise applications, Qi's Customer Support Services provide:

The Qi solutions provide the security and robustness of a carrier environment with the agility and innovation of an organisation that is easy to work with.

The first step in taking IT system management to a new level is to mature from monitoring computer boxes to managing application services. Making that leap requires bringing all IT services under the view of one common console - one that can be organised not by technologies, but by applications.

Qi manages application services in order to be able to monitor every user, the route taken, what problems are being experienced, what resources are being used, and if the user is active or inactive.

Above all, we keep your applications up and running. Our system architecture, round-the-clock monitoring and large capacity systems ensure that your applications perform at peak levels at all times.

By operating an application through Qi, you can achieve many long-term benefits, including:

and improved focus for you on core business issues.

For more information: info@qi.com.au